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comparison of zeta plus with filter press

Filter Press Zeta Plus Cartridge System Comments Beer leakage Moderate to High No leakage Some filter presses can leak 1 2 of volume filtered Labor needs High Low Zeta Plus Cartridge: 15 min Filter Press: 2 4 hrs Change outs Weekly or more often 2 4 weeks Dependent on beer preparation Capital costs High Low

together to greatly increase the fi ltration effi ciency of Zeta Plus Filter Sheet media, where the charge effect is a function of the fl uid being fi ltered Extractables Extractable levels of calcium Ca and Iron Fe are quantifi ed by Atomic Adsorption analytical techniques for Zeta Plus Filter Sheets

Filter cartridges are available in 8, 12, and 16 diameters, with surface area ranging from 0 16 m² 1 8 ft² to 2 8 m² 29 8 ft² per cartridge Capsule Construction Zeta Plus EXT series products are available in autoclavable and single use BC25 and Zeta Plus Encapsulated System capsules

The Zeta Plus Encapsulated System utilizes the industry leading Zeta Plus depth filter media, including the double layer Zeta Plus EXT Series filter media and many popular single layer Zeta Plus filter media options including SP media and ZA media grades The Zeta Plus EXT Series is a family of advanced dual zone depth filters designed to

performing Zeta Plus depth filter series media, including the single and dual EXT families covering a range of throughput, turbidity reduction, anion exchange capacities, as well as media purity attributes The Zeta Plus EXT Series is a family of advanced dual zone depth filters designed to provide excellent clarification of biological fluids

3M Depth Filters for Bio Processing 17 Results Showing 1 17 of 17 Matching Products Compare 3M Zeta Plus SP Series Filter Cartridge 50 Options 3M Zeta Plus BC Series Filter Capsule, EXT, with DEL Series Media Compare

Zeta Plus Single Use Depth Filtration Product Brochure capsule to capsule connection and the industry leading 3M Purification Zeta Plus depth filter media provides superior filtration performance If sanitation using NaOH solution is required, capsules with alkaline resistant shells are available

We developed Zeta Plus SP Series Filter Cartridges to provide optimal clarification of pharmaceutical, biological, bioprocess and cosmetic fluids They are constructed with Zeta Plus SP Series depth filtration media, composed of inorganic filter aid, cellulose and a resin system that imparts a positive charge to the filter matrix, aiding its adsorption of negatively charged contaminants

The Zeta Pak depth filter module is manufactured with MicroMedia providing a relatively high flow rate, zeta potential and superior retention of ultra fine particles The workhorse of ErtelAlsop Pak filter cartridges, the Zeta Pak depth filter module can be used in virtually any application, as it provides the greatest retention efficiencies of all media series

filter presses Because of the higher flow capabilities and greater contaminant retention of the Zeta Plus filter media as compare d to other types of filter sheets, it is often poss ible for filter press users to reduce their filter sheet usage by up to 50 in processing equivalen t volumes of pro duct

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